Loose Canon

From Molière in IKEA to Chekhov in a Taco Bell, this series of short comedies satirizes the world of the American consumer in the style of canonical playwrights. It’s a walk through history…if history were a strip mall.

Licensed and published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

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Aristophanes' The Birds

Two movie moguls abandon an increasingly vain and shallow society, making their way into the desert to live among the birds. Seeking the freedom and tranquility that come with bird-living, they must make a case for why they deserve an avian transformation, but all they have to offer are the pieces of civilization they’ve tried to leave behind. THE BIRDS begs the question: Can human beings truly go against their nature? Originally performed in 414 B.C. and written chockablock full of pop culture references of the time, Reno and Weissman have dusted off Aristophanes’ Attic Comedy and provided opportunities for theatremakers to tailor the play to their particular place and time. ARISTOPHANES’ THE BIRDS is a hilarious examination of humanity’s desperate need for control, privilege, and conspicuous consumption.

Licensed and published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

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Contemporary Monologues for Twentysomethings

A compilation of monologues for actors ages 15 to 30, incorporating characters from a variety of backgrounds with different stories to tell, giving you the chance to explore those who are close to you and those who may come from someplace else. Includes a monologue from Reno and Weissman's "Peanuts and Crackerjacks."

Globe Pequot/Applause Books

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Roundabout Theatre Company Blog

"Navigating Long Day's Journey Into Night: Research and Rehearsal"

March 25, 2016

Theatre Design and Technology Portfolio 

"Changed For Good"

An exploration of the style and process of costume and scenic designer Susan Hilferty. 

March 2020 (Volume 56, Issue 2)


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